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Artist Spotlight

Today’s SRO Spotlight shines on three of the artists, Sarah PalmerKirsten Kay Thoen, and Rachel Sussman who are included in 31 Women in Art Photograpy, which opened on March 6th in New York.  Although their approaches differ from subject matter to construction, it appears these artists all construct a visual space that attempts to recreate a physical paradise.

Paradise is a constructed  idea the experience of which is never reachable. It is an ideal projected onto everyday surroundings. Sarah Palmer’s photographs from As a Real House series, question the home as a physical space we create and inhabit. Kirsten Kay Thoen constructs three-dimensional objects which she then photographs. Her objects glow, suggesting a contained environment which we can only be witnessed from outside.  In Rachel Sussman’s series, Lost in Paradise, her images break the impression of the garden as a symbol of Eden by showing the evidence of the materials used to construct and sustain it.

© Sarah Palmer

© Kirsten Kay Thoen

© Rachel Sussman

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Critical Mass 2009

© Chris Sims

Congratulations to Chris Sims (exhibiting at SRO April 19 – May 15) for being selected as one of photolucia’s Critical Mass 2009 finalists.  One of last year’s SRO Exhibitors, David Taylor, also landed in the top 50.

Critical Mass is a great opportunity to get your work in front of all sorts of curators, editors, and professionals.  Make sure to look for the next registration at the end of summer.  They awarded two book winners this year and scoring in the top 50 is a great honor.

See the top 50 list here!

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Artist Spotlight

© Tierney Gearon

Today I am looking at four artists that construct photographic images in varying ways:  Tierney Gearon, Chris McCaw, Idris Khan, and Gregory Crewdson.  While all four work in very different visual manners, they create similar, constructed objects.  Gearon creates complex double exposures in camera, while Kahn digitally combines every image from a photographic series or pages from a book.  Crewdson creates exceedingly intricate setups that rival many film sets, and McCaw designs situations that allow the sun to physically burn a line through photographic paper.

© Chris McCaw

© Chris McCaw

All photographs construct and these four artists seem acutely aware of their role in this process.  Utilizing traditional and digital processes freely, these artists do not claim or infer any notion of capturing or illustrating reality.  They create images that draw attention to the way they were made.

© Idris Khan

© Gregory Crewdson

In 2008, Redux Contemporary Art Center had an exhibition entitled “The Constructed Image.” Redux director Seth Curcio said the involved artists called “into question how truth is recorded and conveyed to the viewer through imagery, and the subsequent effect of constructed imagery in contemporary society.”  While the list of artists is different, the words are fitting for the artists we are looking at today.

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Artist Spotlight

Today we look at three artists who have been exhibited by SRO Photo Gallery in the past.  Heather Protz and Jessica Hines were exhibited during the 2002-2003 exhibition season. Angie Buckley was exhibited during the 2004-2005 season. I decided to look back to see their newer work.  You can keep updated on other artists we have previously exhibited by clicking on Previous SRO Artists at left.  Enjoy.

© Heather Protz

© Heather Protz

© Jessica Hines

© Jessica Hines


© Angie Buckley

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