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Discussions Concerning Contemporary Photographic Art

Posts from — July 2009

Charlotte Cotton/Framing Matters

framing matters

Yesterday :  I mentioned I am reading The Photograph as Contemporary Art by Charlotte Cotton.

Today:  I was searching to find out who exactly she is and found this interesting exchange on framing.  It turns out that Charlotte is the Curator and Head of the Photography Department at LACMA.  She is also one of the notable notables involved with Words Without Pictures.  I’ve gone ahead and ordered a copy.

Her answer is a rare opportunity to read the thoughts of an active curator on framing.

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Exhibition Opportunities

Students in the photo program at TTU are often asking where (online) they might find relevant calls for entries.  There is, of course, the very exciting SRO National Call for Entries that we do here, but there must be life outside these walls…


There are a few places I always look.  I check the College Art Association’s “Opportunities” page and the Society for Photographic Education’s “Call for Entries and Submissions.”  They represent an extensive, international listing of opportunities for artists.

Other places I check, if less frequently, are:
Art Deadlines List
Art Show
Texas Commission on the Arts (your state probably has its own site)

Basically, if you check the first two once a month, and the others occasionally, you should have your bases covered.

We will occasionally highlight an opportunity of note here on the blog.  Today’s highlight is…  the 24th International Juried Show at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.  The juror and prize make this one worth looking at.  Best of luck.

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Reading Roundup

What are we reading right now?  This is an occasional roundup of the books being perused by whoever is in the office at this moment.


The Photography of Invention: American Pictures of the 1980s by Joshua Smith
Photography Theory edited by James Elkins
Art After Modernism: Rethinking Representation edited by Brian Wallis
Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before by Michael Fried

Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes
A Barthes Reader edited by Susan Sontag
The Photograph as Contemporary Art by Charlotte Cotton
Jasper Johns: Gray (Art Institute of Chicago)

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

We are also looking at almost anything written or edited by James Elkins.  He will be a visiting speaker November 16-17 at Texas Tech, and we are attempting to prepare for his visit (he’s written a whole lot.)

Also… have any of you ordered/read a copy of Words Without Pictures? We haven’t yet, but its on the list.

Leave a comment and let us know what you’re reading.  We are always looking for more interesting books.

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Welcome to the SRO Photo Gallery blog!  Housed deep inside the Texas Tech School of Art building, SRO is here to facilitate discussion concerning contemporary photography.  We also serve up eight solo shows a year.  We’ve already set this year’s schedule, but be sure to check out the call for entries in the upper left hand corner.  We are excited to be here and look forward to an engaging conversation!


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